We are members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and we offer three high quality RIBA accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars.

Performance Door Design: the Basics of Sound Reduction

Effective acoustic containment helps to improve the quality of the built environment, preserving privacy as well as excluding unwanted noise. Both a duty of care and regulations (including the recent revision of Approved Document E to the Building Regulations for England & Wales) mean it is essential to be informed of the relevant requirements, and the implications for door assemblies.

The CPD Covers:

  • The nature of sound – examining both airborne and structural transmission of sound
  • Regulatory requirements and British Standards the relate to acoustic performance
  • Test procedures and interpretation of test reports
  • Effective design of door assemblies for acoustic performance, including door construction and influence of sealing systems
  • Design conflicts between acoustic performance, durability and ease of operation of the door
  • Independent accreditation

Attending this seminar will award you with 1-hour’s Continual Professional Development (CPD).


The importance of fire and smoke resistant door assemblies is easily illustrated by the 303 deaths per year in fire tragedies in the UK alone. Apart from the human toll, property losses each year approach £2.52 billion.

The CPD Covers:

  • Hard facts concerning deaths, injuries and property damage caused by fire and smoke
  • Regulatory requirements for fire and smoke resisting door assemblies
  • The nature and behaviour of smoke
  • Effective design of door assemblies for smoke containment including the threshold gap
  • Design conflicts between fire containment, smoke containment, durability and ease of
    operation on the door
  • Independent accreditation

Attending this seminar will award you with 1-hour’s Continual Professional Development (CPD).


From 2007-2011 there were 233 prosecutions in England and Wales under the RRO, ranging from large companies such as the Co-op who were fined £210,000 and small family run businesses who have also been targeted. The RRO shifts the blame to the ‘responsible person’ of that building; meaning anyone can be prosecuted under the act for lack of fire safety.

The CPD Covers:

  • Quick introduction to the RRO and who is responsible for a building’s fire safety
  • Examples of companies who have come under fire from the RRO
  • The danger of fire and smoke
  • The importance of fire doors including installation and maintenance
  • Examples of poorly maintained and fitted fire doors with cost effective solutions

Attending this seminar will award you with 1-hour’s Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Further information

Each informative seminar provides an opportunity to keep up-to-date with all the latest facts about acoustic, smoke and fire containment, including regulations and standards - as well as exploring practical solutions.

RegisteredRIBA members can claim double points for our CPD materials; and all attendees will receive one-hour's CPD for each seminar.

If CPD certification is not required, presentations can be tailored to suit a wide variety of audiences, including client companies, building contractors, construction industry groups and trade associations.

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